Sunday 22 July 2012

Floral Nail Wraps - day by day

So as promised here we go.  I thought that the best way to show you how these nail wraps (which if you haven't seen my previous blog post and have no idea what I am talking about check out my review HERE) wore throughout the couple of days I had them on was to show you so here we go...

Day 1
The wraps had slightly chipped and were looking a bit worse for wear but they were not too bad in person because it was only the ends of my nails.  Personally I still thought that they looked fine because it was only around the ends that they had been effected.  Had the wraps stayed in this condition I would not have minded as I think that nail wraps were never made to stay perfectly on your nails forever.  

Day 2
This is where I started to see my nails go dramatically down hill.  The extent of the chipping from Day 1 to Day 2 is quite a large change, and by this point I had started to be very disappointed by this product because in if this had been a nail varnish I would have repainted my nails to hide the chipping, but with these I was stuck with them. 
I was very tempted to remove the wraps at this point because of the extent of the chipping but I decided to keep it on to see how the chipping developed over a longer time period.

Day 4
Day 3 showed continued chipping but between taking the photo and uploading it to my computer it seems to have disappeared.  But Day 4 was the last day that I wore these nail wraps before I had to remove them.
As you can see the chipping has become more extreme now, to the extent that almost half the nail has been removed.  This was not a good look so I had to remove the wrap, despite still getting compliments on the summery floral design.  Ordinarily I would have removed the product before this amount of chipping had occurred but for the purpose of showing them to you I have left them on.

As you can see I these nail wraps did not wear well, and despite absolutely loving the floral design, I have to say in terms of the amount of chipping I have never seen a nail product chip to this extent.  If you have any tips for Nail Wraps in terms of prolonging their wear please leave a comment below as I am sure that everyone would love to know how to keep these on for as long as possible.  Also if you have done a blog post on nail wraps leave a link below as I would love to check them out, or if you have tried some out then just write the brand and some info below so we can all share tips, tricks and good products with each other.

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