Sunday 22 July 2012

Floral Nail Wraps - A Summer Hit or Miss?

Nail Wraps have been the one of the newest and most inventive nail products to come onto the scene in recent years and have been something that has intrigued me for a while.  They range in designs from plain block colours similar to those you can achieve with 2 coats of nail varnish, to intricate patterns that unless you are prepared to spend hours on end trying to recreate and are a whizz with a nail art set, are unachievable (at least for me).  However, something that has put me off trying these nail wraps are the price, the average being around 10-16 nail wraps for prices varying from £5-£6 depending on shop, make and design.  But, whilst nosing around the Accessorize sale a couple of weeks ago I saw some that were 50% off, so for only £2.50 I thought it was my best opportunity to try some out, so here is what I thought about the product.

Did you like the product itself?
I decided to choose a pattern that I otherwise was not likely to achieve no matter how long I sat in front of the TV with my nail art kit, so I chose to this floral pattern which I thought was perfect for the long awaited summer months.  The overall look of these nail wraps is really pretty and girly and gorgeous for the summer.  

The pattern is highly detailed with lots of small brightly coloured flowers.  Overall I cant fault the look of the product as I got lots of compliments on the design so in this respect they are a real winner.  Also when I was looking around before purchasing these, I hadn't seen any that were similar to this design which was quite nice to find something that no one else would have.

How easy was it to apply the nail wraps?
Here is another rave review for this part of the product, prior to applying these I was worried how difficult it would be to effectively apply these to create the smooth almost painted on effect that these wraps should have.  But, I was surprised just how easy they are, and this was a definite plus point in my books.  When people asked about my nails and how I had done them, they were surprised I had applied them myself and said they would have thought it would have been a tricky and fiddly process, but I can promise you its not.  The instructions on the back make out that the process is a little tricky, so if you would be interested I can do another post on how to apply nail wraps if this would be useful?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

How long did the nail wrap design last?
Unfortunately this is where the good news and rave reviews end.  After everything I have said about the product you can tell that I loved the product, but after the first day I was very disappointed with the wear of this product.  On the back of the product itself it does not say how long they are expected to last, but whilst having a little bit of a search on the web many similar products from other brands say they will last between 5-7 days on the nails, some promising even more but the average was about 6 days.  So I'm sure you'll agree that after about 1-2 days finding that my nails were terribly chipped and beyond a small chip you can ignore, really dampened the mood and my view of these nail wraps.  To save this post from being to long I have done a separate post on this aspect day by day pictures so you can see what I mean, so you can see that HERE if you are interested.

Do you think that nail wraps are worth the hype or the price tag?
Now this is a tricky one.  For colour, design, application and the amount of compliments I got yes, I can not fault them on this.  But in terms of how long these ones lasted, I think I would have been outraged to pay £5-£6 for something that only lasts one day.  But I don't know if I got a dodgy pack or if thats why they were in the sale or anything.  Maybe some other nail wrap makes would be better quality but for the moment I will not be buying anymore.

I don't like writing bad reviews on any products but I thought that I should make you aware of this problem and I wanted to know if you have tried any nail wraps and they have lasted longer than these please let me know.  Also if you have any tips for making nail wraps last longer then I would appreciate that.  Any other questions let me know in the comments below and I will answer them...

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  1. I am fan of nail wraps I feel like they also peel off a layer of my nail and that sticky glue drives me nuts. I do think they have some cool designs and in a bind they are quick and easy.
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