Sunday 3 June 2012

Jubilee Nails - Patriotic spots

When I created my previous design, a twist on the traditional French manicure which you can find HERE, I decided that I actually wanted to develop this idea to make it more unusual than the first design.  So after creating the design which you can see from the previous post I had a white tip design, which I then decided to decorate into another design.  I wanted to keep the design of red, white and blue for the obvious patriotic theme that I have tried to show in all of my designs.  I wanted to create an interesting design in the small space that I had left on the tips of my fingers and so I decided to create a dot pattern.
These patterns can often be over thought and seen as too difficult to even attempt but I think this is actually much easier than people expect, so you can make people think you have amazing skill, when in reality it doesn't take much.  

You can obviously use more technical tools such as dotters along with many others but what I used, which is just as good and much much cheaper...a hair grip, curvy grip or bobby pin whatever you want to call it.  I got a pack of 50 for £1 at Poundland and they are in my eyes just as effective.  Just dip the curvy grip into the nail polish, and the more you use the bigger the dots that you create, simple.  

I personally chose to use contrasting colours to the base of nail colour, but you could also use 2  or more colours on the nail tip for different designs and ideas.  Overall I think that these nails are very interesting designs that incorporate very simple and quick techniques to make a nail design that looks like it takes a lot more time and effort.

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