Saturday 2 June 2012

Jubilee Nails - Union Jack accent nail

If you do not feel brave enough to for the full Union Jack nails then here is a less bold alternative.  If you haven't seen the previous design using these nails you can see it HERE.
I used the same nails so if you want to find out about where I got these from then you can look at the previous post HERE.  I have also used the same base blue and red colours that I used in my basic jubilee nails post which you can also see HERE and for the low down on the glitter polishes that I used then feast your eyes on this post HERE.
Okay so now we are all down with those things, here is my other alternative nail design that I have created using a Union Jack nail design as an accent nail.  As I am sure you know, accent nails are currently very popular whether it is just another colour to the rest of your nails or a totally different design as I have used they are a great way to add a pop of extra detail or colour to your nails.  I have used a false nail but you can easily use a nail transfer, wrap or if your'e feeling particularly skilful you could always paint your own Union Jack design.

I think that this is a nice design that can worn by most people to add a little more interest to the nails instead of simply having plain red, white and blue, but by including a flag.  Also you only have to use 2 of the nails in that case and you still have lots left to reuse and maybe pack in a bag in case some come a little loose.  Also if you have decided to paint your own Union Jack design you only have to paint 2 flags instead of 10 which will be a lot less time consuming and less pressure to get them all the same!

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