Saturday 2 June 2012

Jubilee Nails - Union Jacks

Quite a while ago I saw these Union Jack nails  in Savers for about 60-70p and thought that I just had to pick them up, as they were an offer just too good to pass by.  I'm not sure if you can still pick these up anywhere else but I know that there are probably a few nail wraps or stickers or something that will give the same impression.  Also if you were feeling really creative and you have a steady hand, you could also paint a Union Jack design onto your nails.
Unlike most false nails or stick on nails that require glue to apply them, these were really simple to use.  They came with sticky adhesive patches that you simply stick onto your nails and then press the nail design on top to secure.  The patches were also really easy to adjust to the size of your nail by simply using scissors to cut off any excess from the surrounding nail.  These nails came with a squared off nails design which can be seen in the photo, but the pack also comes with a small nail file so you could always file these to the desired shape and size.

These were surprisingly simple to apply and there was non of the mess or sticky patches left that you normally get from the nail glue which makes them easy to apply in a rush.  You can also easily peel the nail off the adhesive patch after you have finished and keep them at the back of your cupboard for another time where you are feeling a bit patriotic or there is another royal celebration.

I think that for the price these nails are really good, and extremely relevant if you want to get into the patriotic mood this weekend.  They aren't necessarily something that I would wear everyday but for a special occasion, like this bank holiday, I think that you can go full out on the design for a very eye catching design that will get peoples heads turning.

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