Monday 6 August 2012

Summer Nail Challenge - Day 6

So I realise a challenge should start at Day 1 but after seeing the post only yesterday I decided that its better to be late than never.  I have decided to do Makeup Savvy's 15 day challenge which if you want more info on, or if you want to get involved yourself you can find all the information HERE.

Okay so today's theme was glitter and I wanted to do a summery design that is appropriate for the summer holiday season, if you are going away or staying at home I think that this is something that everyone can wear, no matter where you are this summer.  I was contemplating using the models own glitter in Ibiza Mix which is a very summery polish but as I have already used that in a few of my reviews and posts which you can see HERE if you wish, I decided to use another combination which is equally as summery.

I have recently done a post on the MaxFactor Mini Polish Dazzling Blue - number 14 -  which you can read HERE if you want to find more information about the product and what I thought of it.  I think it is the perfect summery blue that is not too over the top, so everyone can use this for what ever summer event you may be attending this month.  This polish doesn't have any glitter in it but makes a gorgeous base, especially as it catches the light and changes colour which I think is a lovely combination with the glitter which also sparkles in the light.

I then decided to add a blue glitter colour on top as to keep with the blue theme, and for this I chose NYC's Lights, Camera, Glitter - number 105 - which is one of my favourite glitter polishes to date.  When I first saw this polish I was instantly drawn to all the glitter suspended in the polish, this was an instant seller as it looked really pretty and glittery.  But when it came to applying it I didn't have high hopes for the glitter to pay off as it in the bottle onto the nails, as I thought back to when I was much younger and would spend hours fishing around the glitter polish to get more than one glitter particle onto my nails at a time.  Upon application, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that all the glitter translated beautifully onto the nails.  

Although there are far fewer larger pieces of blue and purple glitter on my nails, the fact that this largely milled glitter is suspended in a very finely milled silver glitter meant that even though the large pieces of glitter didn't totally cover my nails the small pieces did.  This meant the nails weren't patchy or unevenly covered, instead it left this beautiful blue glittery nail that was not too in your face, but when it caught the light meant it sparkled enough to catch some peoples attention.  

I love this new found combination and definitely will be trying this out again in the near future, whilst also trying different combinations with the glitter polish as I think the pay off for the money is excellent.

If you have entered todays challenge feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments section below, or feel free to email or tweet your photos to me, all information on how to contact me can be found on the right side of my blog.  If you haven't entered today feel free to head on over to Makeup Savvy's page to see tomorrows category HERE and see if you are up for the challenge on Day 7.


  1. Definitely better late than never - I look forward to seeing all your other designs! These are so pretty and mermaid-esque :)

  2. love the sea blue polish! and yes, so very mermaid :D