Tuesday 7 August 2012

Summer Nail Challenge - Day 7

Today is Day 7 of Makeup Savvy's Nail Challenge and todays theme is neon nails, if you don't know what I am talking about then you can see more info on, or if you want to get involved yourself you can find all the information HERE.  I also did the challenge yesterday so if you want to see my glitter nail post then you can HERE.

Today's theme is Neon which I think is a perfect theme for the summery months because I always think that those girls who can rock a neon nail look on holiday or just during the summer months in general, always looks amazing.  But I have been a little resistant to try this out because I am always afraid of them looking to over the top, but I have tried this design as a way to try and break myself into the bright coloured nail trend for this summer and future summers to come.

I tried to stay away from the typical highlighter shades of orange, yellow, pink and green as I wanted to try out some other colours and show that neon nails can be worn, even if you are slightly afraid of the fluorescent colours that are traditional worn as neon.  Instead of using one neon shade I have opted for a few different colours and shades because I think this adds an extra bit of interest to the nails.  Also the design sort of combats the bright colour (well in my mind anyway) because the pattern is a bit more eye-catching than the bright colours themselves, if you see where I'm coming from, as you notice the pattern and multiple colours rather than simply being overwhelmed by one neon colour.

On my thumb I have used this bright pink shade from the 17 vintage collection which I got ages ago, but I love this colour because it is such an unusual shade of pink.  Not the traditional neon or bubblegum pink put a softer bright pink which I haven't found anywhere else.  This is a very girly colour but I think it is also a very good alternative if you are not into the pastel pinks that are in at the moment because it is a nice compromise between a pastel and a neon.  This applied very well and within 2 coats was completely opaque, so that is a definite bonus in my books.
On my index finger I have used this bright orange colour, which is probably the brightest colour that is in this design, and in my collection.  It is from the Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours range number 303 which can be found in Boots and Superdrug.  I Miss Sporty polishes because they have such good pigmentation and last a really long time on the nails, and the best part, they are extremely affordable as they are only £1.99 and for that price you get 7ml of product.  This also applied amazingly as it dries really quickly and only required 2 coats, after being nearly opaque enough to leave it after 1 coat!
My middle finger is a bright corally pinky orange colour, which I don't think is being show up true to colour in the photo as it is even brighter in real life.  This is colour is by Nails Inc and is called Copacabana, but unfortunately I don't think this is still available to buy because it was part of a deal in Boots last summer where you brought 2 products and got this free.  In my opinion it is the perfect summer shade, being a bright coral I would have thought this would only look nice on tanned skin, but in fact it looks gorgeous on any skin tone and I think this is something really nice about this product.  This required 2-3 coats as it is a slightly thinner product, but again it dried relatively quickly meaning it was not too much of a problem.

My ring finger is in this bright canary yellow colour, which is another Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Nail varnish number 453.  This is a bright yellow, but not the kind of highlighter neon yellow which I like because it is much more wearable than that fluorescent yellow colour.  When I first bought this I was worried about when and wear I would be able to wear this but actually I was pleasantly surprised when I wore this a couple of weeks ago and got lot of complements about the shade of yellow and how unusual it was, so maybe check this out if you are interested in a new yellow nail varnish.  Again the application on this was really quick and easy and only required 2 coats at the max as this product is very opaque.  But I would warn you that it applies a slightly stronger colour than in the bottle so not be afraid if this happens when you first apply the product.

Finally on my little finger I have used the Sally Hansen nail varnish in colour Orange you Cute number 450 which is a bright pink, but this is a slightly red pink so it is not your typical pink colour.  This means it is slightly brighter than your average pink but not too over the top, instead it is just a really nice colour that is the perfect summer shade.  I have to admit that when I bought this Sally Hansen was not really readily available where I live, but I now know that they have started to stock this in Superdrug when I last went in.  But this nail varnish was actually brought in Poundland, for £1! It is such an unusual colour and an absolute bargain, so when you are next in your nearest pound land keep your eyes open for any nail varnish.  This applied well too and only required 2 coats to get this opacity.

Today's challenge has been a bit more of a challenge for me than maybe a few others as I don't often wear these kind of neon colours but this combination has really inspired me to wear more bright colours this summer without feeling worried of looking over the top.

If you have entered todays challenge feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments section below, or feel free to email or tweet your photos to me, all information on how to contact me can be found on the right side of my blog.  If you haven't entered today feel free to head on over to Makeup Savvy's page to see tomorrows category HERE and see if you are up for the challenge on Day 8.

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