Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summery rainbow nails

Today I decided to create a bright and fun nail design that will cheer you up and is an eye catching design without using complicated designs.
The colours that I chose were a minty green, peachy orange, sky blue, candyfloss pink and banana yellow as I thought these were a nice variation on the traditional pastel or ice cream shades out this spring/summer.

The first colour I used which is really popular at the moment was the mint green colour from Barry M number 304 called "Mint Green" which is a beautiful colour as it is not too wishy washy and after 2 coats is completely opaque.  You can pick up Barry M in Boots and Superdrug and with a price of £2.99 how can you not afford to pick it up.  It is fresh and very appropriate for spring/summer and is a very versatile polish that I know will last me all throughout the summer time.

Another Barry M polish that I used is the sky blue colour, number 306 called "Blueberry Ice Cream" which is a perfect blue that is brighter than a pastel blue such as a baby blue, but is still not as vivid as a turquoise.  It is the perfect summer colour that is great on toes as well as fingers and whenever I wear this I get complements on the colour, so for £2.99 why not pick yourself up one?

The pink colour on my nails is a 17 polish called "Fairy cake" which I bought a couple of years back but is currently part of the Candy Collection from Boots.  This is a little brighter, again, than a traditional baby pink however, it is a very girly pink that is not fluorescent and so is a very flattering shade. I would say it is more of a candy floss pink which I prefer because sometimes some pinks can look a bit young and childish on.

The peachy orange shade that I used on my index finger is by Miss Sporty and is number 452, which is a very unusual peachy colour.  I searched up and down the aisles to find the perfect peachy shade that was not too pink or too orange and I think I finally may have found it.  Although in the bottle the polish looks to be more of a pastel peach shade when applied it turns out slightly darker than I expected however, I think that is still a gorgeous colour and I think I will have a lot of wear out of this shade and for £1.99 I can hardly complain!

The final shade of my rainbow nails is the banana yellow on my little finger again by Miss Sport number 453.  I would describe this colour as more of a banana or sunshine yellow than a strictly lemon or pastel yellow but I think this shade of yellow is very summery.  This colour would also probably look amazing as the summer goes on and your skin starts to get a bit of a tan, so at just £1.99 these are definitely something to buy up and if you are not confident enough at the moment maybe you could bring it out as we head further into the summer months.

I think these polishes are very pretty and summery without being over the top or too bright for the duller days that still occur in summer.  It is a very easy combination that looks very interesting and can be redone in any colour combination, even different shades of the same colour would make an interesting gradient rainbow effect.
Thumb - Barry M 304 Mint Green, Index finger- Miss Sporty 452, Middle finger- Barry M 306 Blueberry Ice Cream, Ring Finger- 17 Fairy Cake, Little finger- Miss Sporty 453

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Models Own Ibiza Mix

As today is such a nice day that I wanted to reflect on my nails today and give you some ideas.  I picked up the Models Own Ibiza Mix nail polish the other day in Boots for £5 but you can also get it from the Models Own website.

This polish as you can see is a multicolour glitter polish with big and small glitter shapes in every colour under the sun so will be great this summer to go with any outfit day or night.  I also like the fact that the glitter is chunky and gives a interesting textured effect on the nails.

But like most glitter polishes it is relatively sheer so it requires quite a few coats if you wanted it completely opaque, but layered over any other colour is very effective.  

I chose to use a sunny yellow colour from Miss Sporty number 453 as summer has finally decided to arrive but any colour will be nice underneath because of the multicolour glitter, you just can't go wrong.

If you wanted a different look then you can easily layer this over a dark polish to make it more of an evening look. 

This is  a really good purchase for the bank holiday and BBQ season coming up or if your lucky enough to be jetting off anywhere, more exotic anytime soon this polish screams summer, by the pool or beach with the sunlight hitting the glitter, and with a slight tan.

I can't speak highly enough of this polish and it is amazing for the price as you get 14ml for £5 which is incredible, so go and pick up one soon, but I warn you these are quite popular and so are quite hard to get your hands on.